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The hunt

The IGH Days Medallion Hunt



2019 IGH Days Medallion Hunt Rules

Clues will be released daily at 10AM and 5PM at www.buyherepayherminnesota.com on “The Hunt” page starting on Tuesday, September 3, 2019. There will be a total of 8 clues unless the medallion is found prior.

If the medallion not found by 10:00 AM on Saturday, September 7, 2019, the prize money will be added to next year’s prize.

Car and Credit Connection of South St. Paul will award the finder(s) a $250 prize provided EACH finder has an official 2019 Inver Grove Heights Days button. If any of the finder(s) do not have a button, the prize awarded will be $100 and the remainder will be added to next year’s prize. The finder(s) will also receive an official “I Found the IGH Days Medallion” t-shirt and will be given the option of riding in the parade as the medallion hunt winners.

The medallion will be hidden on public land in the City of Inver Grove Heights. 

The City of Inver Grove Heights and Car and Credit Connection of South St. Paul reserve the right to discontinue the treasure hunt at any time if public property is destroyed or people are hunting on private property.

The medallion will not be on or in a body of water, on top of a building, up a tree, on a steep cliff, underground, indoors, inside anything electrical or something that is locked. Be safe. Search, don't destroy.

Payment of the prize is contingent on the immediate return of the medallion. Please follow the directions that are hidden with the medallion to claim your prize. DO NOT WAIT TO NOTIFY US IF YOU FIND THE MEDALLION.

 No digging instruments will be needed to find or to assist in finding the medallion. The hunt may be discontinued if people are found using rakes, shovels, or anything else that may damage city property.

Members of the IGH Days board, their immediate families, and Car and Credit Connection employees and their immediate families are not eligible to claim the prize.


Congratulations to Ed Brodie and Matt Littlefield!

For finding the Inver Grove Heights Days Medallion

The medallion was found at the B-52 Crash Site Memorial just north of the water tower.

Clue explanations



Hoist a glass as time does pass

It’s another IGH Days hunt!

Don’t touch equipment; you won’t make a cent

Go to a place for a natural runt

States clearly not to touch any equipment near the

Treasure site and that the treasure is hidden in a 

Natural area. (I-G-H-D)


Search high and low for a place to go

Not anything made by man

Are you convinced it’s funny? 

Stay on high ground and you’ll be a fan

Once again we direct hunters to avoid man made

Equipment. We also hint at the water tower’s font,

Which is comic sans. (S-A-N-S)


Here’s to running a Cajun

Where your Cup is a ragin’

First run from town to the treasure

To which 1.4 or 8.7 times will bring you pleasure

This admittedly difficult and obscure clue references

The Cajun Cup 10k/1 mile run in Lafayette, LA. If you start

At the Lafayette Bridge and run 14 kilometers (1.4 

10k’s or 8.7 miles) south on Hwy 52, 

you will arrive at the treasure location. (H-W-F-TO)


It’s important to take the right direction

Hills and valleys for your retrospection

Come one, come all, you can start in the fall

Certainly, looking nearby, you’ll have dereliction

This clue makes reference to Inver Hills Community

College, which is near the treasure location(I-H-C-C)

Befitting a story that can’t end well

That of a husky and a horseman to tell

To a truer story that should be remembered in lieu

For this is a tale of the lost ones too

Makes reference to the B-52 crash site, which is the

Treasure location. Your clue writer feels it is important

That we dedicate this hunt to the memory of those lost

In this crash. (B-F-T-TO)


High in the air, but don’t despair

The pressure is on to find it

Over here, or is it there?

One tower is the place to fit

Makes reference to the water tower

At the treasure site (H-TO-O)


Be humble hunting our friends

Remember our rules is a tip we shall lend

Over near the giant tower

Do your hunting, you’ll need to scour

Remember all of our earlier clues?

It’s letter one of each line - for the gumshoes

Cite the words – the meaning of clues

Kick it in to high gear - you know what to do

Looking low is how to go

Even though you’re on high ground

As you look to the end, and the knees do bend

Forget about going around

Pretend you’re an ant

In an area scant

Near a circular road

Et al ends our treasure code

Directs you to look on high ground 

Near the circular road around the 

Water tower. It also directs you to look at the

First letter of each line of each clue. In this case (BRODRICK – 



Read on back to the seventh clue

Enlightening words tell you what to do

Move on up to the leaf and pine

Embrace the memory of people so fine

Many a leaf will cover the ground

Be careful and move your hands around

Ever mindful; go north of the tower

Reach but avoid a pretty flower

Tells you where to look for the treasure.