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The hunt

The Koposia Days Medallion Hunt



  • There will be 10 clues in all beginning on June 24 and the hunt will end when the medallion is found or at 5:30 p.m. on Friday June 28 if not found.
  • If the medallion not found by 5:30pm on Friday, June 28, 2019 the prize money will be added to next year’s prize.
  • Car and Credit Connection of South St. Paul will award the finder(s) a $250 prize provided EACH finder has an official 2019 Kaposia Days button. If any of the finder(s) do not have a button, the prize awarded will be $100 and the remainder will be added to next year’s prize. The finder(s) will also receive an official “I Found the Kaposia Days Medallion” t-shirt and will be given the option of riding in the parade as the medallion hunt winners.
  • The medallion will be hidden on public land in the City of South St. Paul.
  • The City of South St. Paul and Car and Credit Connection of South St. Paul reserve the right to discontinue the treasure hunt at any time if public property is destroyed or people are hunting on private property.
  • The medallion will not be on or in a body of water, on top of a building, up a tree, on a steep cliff, underground, indoors, inside anything electrical or something that is locked. Be safe. Search, don’t destroy.
  • Payment of the prize is contingent on the immediate return of the medallion. Please follow the directions that are hidden with the medallion to claim your prize. DO NOT WAIT TO NOTIFY US IF YOU FIND THE MEDALLION.
  • No digging instruments will be needed to find or to assist in finding the medallion. The hunt may be discontinued if people are found using rakes, shovels, or anything else that may damage city property.
  • Clues will be released starting Monday, June 24 at 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at www.buyherepayhereminnesota.com under "The Hunt" tab.  
  • Immediate family members (spouses, kids, and grandkids) of Car and Credit Connection owners and the Kaposia Days board are ineligible to claim the prize and should refrain from participating.

Good luck and happy Kaposia Days!

The clues






It’s treasure hunt chaos leading to Kaposia Days payoff

Our medallion is hidden tough this year

Make sure to follow the rules, our hunt isn’t for fools

And bring all of your enthusiasm and cheer

And speaking of rules, there’s one exception to tool

It involves clue #2; your clue writer has a previous engagement

7pm is the time for your second rhyme

Where we’ll tell you more about our treasure’s containment

The word chaos is used in reference to Mayor Jimmy Francis,

Who is called “Mayor Chaos” by some on internet chat rooms.


Seventeen to the south is a lot for the mouth

But seven to the west is often best

Twelve to the east is hard to beat

And an intersection north will help you set forth

Refers to the major roadways surrounding the treasure.

Interstate 494, Hwy 52, and County Rd 156.


American farms, joys everyone would be proud of!

Around town and in every city they feel the love!

Take the first three and mix and match thee

And take note of what you see above

American farms joys anagrams to Mayor James Francis.


Olympic sports but without the courts

Is not winning really so bad?

You won a medal, now look near kettle

The bottom step won’t make you sad 

Makes reference to 3rd Ave. (the bottom

Step of a podium would win 3rd place) and

An obscure definition of kettle is pothole.


Solving this clue might cause you some pain

Finding sixty might help you gain

Are you playing golf? But it’s not there!

Cue your - foursome, hitter - beware!

Makes reference to the sixty window panes on

The fire station garage doors. Foursome hitter

Anagrams to South Metro Fire.


Where’s the treasure? What’s the scoop?
You can be sure we’re not talking poop!

Down from a rhyming favorite in South St. Paul

A guy named Joel is the one to call!

This clue pays homage to one of the cluewriter’s 

Favorite restaurants in town, the Coop, which

Is near the treasure site.


Controversy is local, Congress is vocal

It’s a public place for all to visit

Find a book, go outside and look

This clue is key – or is it?

As you wander around, ready to yell “Found!” 

Avoid disturbing a flower or plant

And a word on a hunting tool; you may think it’s cool

But this time, if you want to find it you can’t

The first stanza makes reference to the library, which

Is across the street from the treasure location. The second

Stanza reminds hunters not to disturb the flowers and plants

Near the treasure.


You call the raise, you go to the woods for days

Was it Truman? Yes. You’re in the Navy, I guess.

Now it’s firsts, the Yankee Clipper bursts

And our former AG, she’s quite the lady

A summer tradition, the 30thedition

A tournament at a big mall - not near St. Paul

Will it be the Bulldogs, Rangers, or maybe the Wings?

Or, will it be a team without a mascot thing?

There were some famous ten year old names 

Who were elite - even in these games

The likes of Mittelstadt, Zucker, your clue writer too

Looking between is the important clue

The first stanza makes Reference to SSP City Council Members

(in clue order) Bill FLATley, Joe FORESTer, Sharon

DEWEY, Tom SEAberg, JOE (Dimaggio) Kaliszewki,

And LORI (Swanson) Hansen. The second and third 

Stanzas Reference the Brick hockey tournament held

At the Edmonton Mega Mall each summer, to which

Your clue writer played in back in 1992. The treasure

Was hidden between two bricks.


Hear Mayor James Francis call “Go to city hall!”

Keep your search away from the building

The treasure should goad you next to the road

Now look in a crevice under some guilding

References the treasure location without spelling it out.


You’re at city hall – it’s time for the treasure to fall!

Look for a line of bricks along the curb – fast!

Now it’s off to the north – the second to last crevice set forth!

Our treasure, wrapped in tape, just wasn’t meant to last

Provides the exact location of the treasure.